Monday, May 10, 2010

Do I spoil myself too much?

Mid-February, I decided to get semi-perminent eyelashes and a gel french-manicure. Now I have created a pedi, eyelash batting, money-spending monster of myself.

Then I decided I dressed too immaturely- enough with the cutsie pink polo cableknits and bright green hair ribbons- I'm a 25 year old professional for crying outloud and we aren't in New England anymore. Hense, the purchase of my two Hermes scarfs in early March.

Then April hit- perfect time to start thinking about getting in shape for summer. Yup, 10sessions of 1-1 personal pilates sessions purchased by me-- an expensive routine given that I plan on doing 30 sessions before mid-July to look fabulous in one of my best friend's weddings.

And now May. What have I done? I bought myself foie gras. Random, NBD compared to 2 Hermes scarfs in a week, right? No. It's just a symbol of this unnecessary spoiling streak that started in February. Enough is enough, and no one needs a whole little pot of foie gras for herself just because she can (plus it's so fattening!!)

Ugh, how to force myself out of this habit??

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