Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wow... it's been almost a year... Updates Galore

Hey There Fellow Bloggers,

It's been a long time (last post was nearly a year ago in October 2010!) Well least to say, I have lots to update you on my friends.

These days I am no longer bustling through the Saturday AM crowds on the Rue du Rhone in Geneva, Switzerland, but rather I am dashing down Mass Ave through the Infinite Corridor at one of the most innovative and well-known schools in the world. Yup, that's right- Cricket back in school, B-School style in Cambridge, MA.

It has been a crazy year- last we left it in Fall 2010, I was just preparing to apply to business schools. Then, apres November, the winter ski season started up with a bang. We had tons of snow in Geneva (and the surrounding Alps for that matter) at the end of 2010. I was fortunate enough to share a ski chalet with a few other Americans and 2 Aussies in Verbier, Switzerland. Thus, the weekends last year consisted of catching the Friday evening train up to the mountains, and then skiing, cooking, relaxing until Sunday evening. Not to mention, hitting up T-Bar and Farinet (the Dorian's of the Swiss Alps) for the most amazing apres-ski I've ever seen. It was an unbelievable experience that definitely made living in Europe 10x the more worth-while. (Read my earlier post about snobby vs getting old... Verbier was a total game changer).

Then in February I found out the exciting news that I was accepted to school, and things began to change rapidly. The next few months entailed packing up my apartment and organizing my move back to my beloved New England state of Massachusetts. Summer was great- spent a lot of time up on the lake with family in Maine and visiting Grampy. It went by in a whirl though.

Now I'm in Cambridge. It's amazing... and still hasn't sunk in yet. Classes have started, and boy we have a ton of work already. But even though the work load is heavy, my perspective and pace has changed. As a born and raised New Englander (and Preppy), this world is no longer the only one I know. I once felt like an outsider exploring the new worlds of New York City and Geneva, Switzerland. Now, as I return to my primal environment that I once blogged about as my point of comfort and familiarity, 'home' is much more extensive than just New England. I feel a little 'typical' running around in my polo and Ralph Lauren cable knit sweater... so unoriginal and so typical of collegiate New England. I'm so much more than that now... do I need to show that in my clothing choices too? Well I can say for sure, I'm definitely excited to rock my bright pink Moon Boots when the snow starts falling (very popular in Geneva, SO not new england) and my fur 'gilet' with leggings. This preppy New Englander has definitely got some European influence now after the almost 2 years abroad, and its definitely made for a wider and wiser view on the world in terms of culture, politics, work... and fashion ;) Stay tuned...

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