Friday, April 16, 2010

Adventuring Into Town on a Friday Afternoon

Normally on a Friday morning, I would have been in the office, hurriedly running around trying to get work done. However, today is an exception and I have the day off. So what have I done? I spent the morning setting up this blog, while sitting at my desk in my plaid PJ set and drinking coffee. It was wonderfully relaxing to not have anything specific to do this morning.

Now it is near noon, and I am still sitting on the computer. OK, its time to get out for the day, but what to do?

My plan is to shower and get dressed (that's a step in the right direction!) while listening to iTunes radio. iTunes radio is great because I can loop in to any of the US radio stations and hear the latest songs and news happening anywhere. And when I am feeling culturally inspired, I tune into the Parisian radio stations instead, to both hear the latest songs in Paris, and also to work on my French.

Then I plan on going into town on the main shopping street. I need to buy khaki pants. I have a few ideas of where to go, but not 100% sure. This will be my first time buying khakis somewhere other than Jcrew. Yikes!

Then I think I will 'do tea'. While this isn't something I was used to doing in the States, I have found that with having a much smaller network of friends in Europe, I have a lot more time to do things on my own. Thus, I have taken up a habit of 'doing afternoon tea' at the hotel bars in town. I usually go mid-afternoon, after a morning of shopping. I bring a book, and order a pot of tea and just read. My favorite place to go is the Four Seasons bar, as they have the best atmosphere and a wonderful selection of teas. They also have this fabulous menu where you can start with a glass of champagne, followed by a pot of tea with 3 small tea sandwiches, and a pastry. I could (and have) several hours slowly enjoying this wonderful treat by the window. I might just go do that today after my khaki shopping adventure.


  1. thanks Beth! I love your blog, and I just bought your book! Looking forward to some preppy reading :)