Sunday, April 18, 2010

Preppy Pant Predicament

Jeans are not preppy. I hate to break it to those of you who think jeans are preppy, but whether they are from Jcrew or 7forallmankind, jeans are not traditional preppy. While trouser-cut jeans might be closer to a prep's closet, when it comes down to it, jeans are trendy and fashionable, but not preppy. Even Life magazine needed to comment when Jackie Onassis started wearing jeans, writing "In fact, post-Camelot, Jackie began experimenting more with fashion, choosing brighter colors and patterns and even daring to wear jeans in public." ( )

So, this morning I find myself in a preppy-pant predicament. Why? Because I look awful in khakis, and any other light colored pant. During the work week, its strictly dark grey, black, and navy pencil skirts. I sometimes go to the dark grey, black, or navy trousers. But this is the weekend, and for two days of the year, I should try not to dress like I am going to work! The summer is easy because I can throw on a cute dress or even some nice crisp white shorts. But during the winter, spring, and fall months-- its always a struggle.

Recently, I have been looking to purchase a nice pair of linen pants in navy, but I also get so frustrated because a) I am 5'2" so I will inevitably needed to get my pants hemmed, and b) I am hoping to lose about ten lbs over the next few months... so why buy pants now that will hopefully be too big in a few months time? I go through this same conversation with myself almost every weekend when I face this predicament and send myself to the stores to buy something other than jeans. And every weekend I leave the weekend empty handed. And now today is Sunday, and all of the stores in Europe are closed on Sundays. Guess I will need to struggle through today by being a 'fashionable' prep in jeans, or revert back to my stone colored cords that are actually too big and look a bit silly...!

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  1. To all, I ended up settling with (from top down): navy monogrammed turtleneck, coral cotton R. Lauren cable-knit sweater, thin brown brooks brothers belt, sea green skirt, brown Tory Burch flats. Ray Ban Wayfarer tortoise sunglasses.