Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Weekend In Paris This Summer

So, this May my little sister will be graduating from college (or as they say in Europe, 'uni'). She is then going to spend 6 weeks living with me in Europe. I am so excited to have her come visit, because she is very much a lot of fun.

And what will we do this summer? I hope to see lots more of the city, and also perhaps travel to some other European cities as well on the weekend. I have good friend from Boston flying to Paris in early July so it might just be the perfect excuse to plan a weekend get-a-way to Paris with my sister to see our friend.

Now its about booking the trip and the details. I love staying in fabulous hotels, it always makes the trip so much more enjoyable. You can argue the hotel is just the place you go to at the end of the day, and you can argue its silly to stay at nice hotels when you plan to barely spending anytime there anyway. However, I completely disagree. Nice hotels all of the way, whether you never plan on leaving your room, or plan on being out by 8am and back after 10pm every day.

So I am thinking of booking two nights at the Hotel St. James in Paris. It looks wonderfully lovely and its in a good location. My sister and I would plan to take an early train to Paris on Friday AM, and check into the hotel. Then we would shop. Then perhaps we would have my friend come to the hotel for cocktails in the library bar? Followed by dinner, we would then out on the town. Since my sister and I have both been to Paris before (and she spent a whole summer there a few years back), I'm not sure what we would do all day Saturday. Perhaps sleep in, and then a late breakfast? The hotel doesn't have a pool, which is unfortunate, but hey, we'll be in Paris. Maybe more shopping? Perhaps :)

Now that I think about it, maybe it makes sense to only go to Paris for one night? A city is a city, and its not far. Both my sister and I have been there before. Hmm, anyone have any thoughts?

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