Saturday, April 24, 2010

Preparing for New Kitten!

So today I met my soon-to-be new kitten. So exciting! She is an orange tabby kitten, and absolutely adorable. I could have taken the kitten today, however, I haven't done any shopping for my new little friend... not even the purchase of a carrier to bring her home!

Thus, I have just ordered online the Shepra "Tote Around Town" carrier in Boston Tweed to pick her up in style-- no gross plastic cages for my kitten!

Then I ordered a cute pink harness and lead, so I can bring the new kitten to the park... how fabulous was the weather today by the way?? Beautiful day at the park..

And then of course, I need to get the monogrammed dishes for the kitten. However, I don't know what to name her! I'm thinking: Peaches, Empi (for Empire State, since I used to live in Manhattan), Bianca (because that's my fake bar name and my girlfriends think it would be funny), or something French (since I am living in a French speaking country now). I'm leaning toward "Empi" because its cute, but we'll see. However, I love these faux-leather (because real leather would get ruined in the cleaning process) bowls from

PS. Isn't she adorable?? This is me holding her today at the mother cat's house.

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