Monday, April 19, 2010

Preppy Office-Wear

One of my biggest adjustments after college was figuring out how to dress for the office. When I graduated college, I moved to NYC and I was working for one of the big investment banks. I was used to wearing a popped-collard polo and NorthFace fleece during most months of the year. Now I found myself in New York, constantly surrounded by professionals-- and mostly men for that matter. While men can be great role models in business, when it comes to office attire, I don't want to take after them :) For them, its as simple as a Brooks Brothers button down shirt, dress pants, and a tie. If he's a preppy banker, he wears a different Vineyard Vines tie everyday. You get the point- for men, its pretty clear on what to wear.

For women, its so frustrating because we have too many options! Whether it is a twin-set with pearls (which sometimes i think is not as dressy as it should be? I mean, I used to wear this normally on the weekends..), or a dress (which sometimes makes me feel over-dressed.. and again, I might wear the same conservative dress on a dinner date...), I am never quite sure what is crossing the line between too-dressy and not-enough dress. Further, what does a preppy girl wear to work? There is no Vineyard Vines for the working woman.

Well, with all of my complaining about what to wear to the office, I do 'make do' and I thought I would share my preppy office attire with you! This is what I wore today: pearls, pink non-iron Brooks Brothers shirt, grey Talbots pencil skirt, brown Talbots heals, and a Lilly Pulitzer sash (that came with a Lilly dress I bought last year).

Hopefully that helps give you some ideas if you have been facing the same office attire predicament as me! :)


  1. Talbots can be a good answer to the dilemma Miss Cricket, and this is a fab look, very elegant and understated. Well done.

    Smiles at you,

  2. Agreed... well done! Thinking you would like today's covet item too. Check it out...